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Fields of Application:

imageProtection of Water Treatment Equipment 
imageProtection and Repair of Heat - Exchange  Equipment
imageProtection of Equipment in Aggressive Mediums
imageProtection of Oil and Gas Output, Storage and Processing Equipment
imageProtection and Repair of Other Equipment, Constructions and Structures


 The concept of VICOR coatings to be used in highly aggressive media is that of multi layer compositions of special purpose materials ensuring a layer-by-layer reduction of the permeating medium aggressiveness and selective bonding of the most aggressive components by the internal coating layers. This design enhances the coating's stability and operating temperature dramatically and makes the coating less vulnerable to technological and operational defects.


 22-36 per cent hydrochloric acid (commercial-grade, off-gas, inhibited, admixed with hydrofluoric acid) storage vessels

METACOR-01-UNO primer           1 layer                 200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating            9-20 layers         2930 g/m²

64-96 per cent sulfuric acid storage vessels

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer                   180 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating             9 layers               1280 g/m²

VICOR-755-ELAST enamel         1 layer                    120 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST varnish        1-6 layers             120-720 g/m²


82-85 per cent phosphoric acid extractor lids

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer                  180 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating            9 layers                1280 g/m²

VICOR-755-ELAST enamel         1 layer                    120 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST varnish         3 layers                  360 g/m²


Synthetic fatty acid (SFA) production equipment and vessels

METACOR-05-SIAL primer          1 layer                    180 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating            9 layers                 1280 g/m²


Lyes (sulfite-cellulose waste lye, white liquor, black liquor, green liquor, bleaching liquor)

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer                    180 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating             9 layers                1280 g/m²


Equipment and Class 3 manned work premises for the handling of battery acid, with the operating temperature ranging from -40 to +40 and an extra requirement that the VICOR coating be flame retardant

VICOR-010 primer                          1 layer                     80 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating              2 layers                180 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating              2 layers                 240 g/m²


Sodium chloride (up to 27 per cent) storage tanks

METACOR-01-UNO primer           1 layer                  180 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating             6 layers                 830 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST varnish          3 layers                 360 g/m²


Diluted acids (hydrochloric, sulfuric, acetic, phosphoric and other acids), variable-pH (1-14) environments

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer                    180 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating             6 layers                  830 g/m²




 VICOR coatings feature low sorption of aggressive medium components, no shrinkage during vacuum drying and very stable adhesion, which enables their use in equipment designed for vacuum treatment, whether continuous or transient. Another important advantage of VICOR coatings is their immunity to chloride deposition, which makes it possible to save on washing-over. VICOR coating components contain no iron, lead or aluminium ions that degrade viscose yarn. VICOR coatings provide an efficient way of repairing lead plating and rubber lining of the evaporators.



Vacuum crystallizers used in potassium chloride production

METACOR-01-UNO primer                        1 layer            200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating                           6 layers          830 g/m²

VICOR-593 enamel                                     6 layers          830 g/m²


Vacuum evaporators used in rayon production (sulfuric acid with salts, hydrogen sulfide and carbon disulfide) in spinning or stretch bath compositions (up to +104)

METACOR-01-UNO primer                        1 layer            200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating                         9 layers          1280 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST varnish                      9 layers            720 g/m²



 VICOR coatings combine high vibration endurance with outstanding surface hardness and abrasive wear resistance, and are capable of protecting perforated surfaces, which makes their use an efficient way of protecting all kinds of centrifuges and pumps against corrosion. Moreover, VICOR coatings are highly resistant to solutions and slurries of such substances as massecuite, potassium chloride, sodium sulfate, anthracene, green vitriol, nickel vitriol, sodium carbonate, boric acid, common salt, starch, sulphamic acid (with the H2SO4 content ranging from 20 to 80 per cent), vaccines and serums, oils, and drill mud.


Stators and rotors of centrifuges exposed to mixtures of organic products and sulfuric acid with a strength of up to 84 per cent

Substrate: carbon steel

METACOR-01-UNO primer                   1 layer        200 g/m², or

Substrate: stainless steel

METACOR-02-TSVET primer                1 layer      80 g/m²; then

VICOR-793-TRIO coating                     9 layers     1280 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST varnish                 3 layers        240 g/m²


Water, water-sand slurry or silica gel pumps (cases, elbows, impellers)

METACOR-01-UNO primer                 1 layer          200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating                    6 layers        830 g/m²

VICOR-593 enamel                              6 layers        830 g/m²

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