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Fields of Application:

imageProtection of Water Treatment Equipment 
imageProtection and Repair of Heat - Exchange  Equipment
imageProtection of Equipment in Aggressive Mediums
imageProtection of Oil and Gas Output, Storage and Processing Equipment
imageProtection and Repair of Other Equipment, Constructions and Structures



Air is life.

 Even the purest air contains two major components that cause corrosion and decomposition. They are oxygen and water. Oxygen is an extremely powerful oxidizer. Water is a unique solvent capable of dissolving oxidation products as well as salts, acids and alkalis.

 How does then humankind manage to survive in this aggressive environment? What protects human beings throughout the 70 to 100 years of their lifetime?

 The optimal solution that nature has come up with is skin. Skin is a thin a mere half a millimeter layer of protein, i.e., an organic polymer. Skin is a kind of natural anticorrosion polymer coating with a complex multilayer (in other words, graded) structure, which explains its unique protective properties.

 But what we have to deal with is industrial environment. Apart from oxygen and water, industrial air contains numerous production-induced pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, particulate salts, fumes and aerosols of acids and alkalis, fumes of organic compounds. These pollutants are capable of facilitating oxidization and dissolution of corrosion products, destroying protective oxide films on metal surfaces and thus accelerating corrosion of all structural materials.

 Today these two words, industrial environment, warn of clear and present danger to metals and reinforced concrete structures, rails, bridges, aqueducts, gas purifying absorbers, high-speed fans, etc.


For reinforced concrete

- Penetrating primer containing components that bind water and chemical pollutants (SELECTON-022, METACOR-02) + anticracking  coating (VICOR-755) + chemical-resistant coating (VICOR-7050, VICOR-593, VICOR-700)

For metals

- SELECTON-706 ground-coat enamel

- Prime coating containing protective, inhibiting and water-binding components (METACOR-01, METACOR-02, METACOR-03, METACOR-05, METACOR-07) + chemical-resistant coat (VICOR-700, VICOR-793, VICOR-7050, VICOR-7105)



The  SELECTON compounds combine high weather resistance with chemical stability, thereby effectively protecting from corrosion the exposed surfaces of any metal structure or process equipment. The coatings we offer withstand spills of any aggressive liquids and exposure to aggressive aerosols and gases.


Metalwork in an industrial environment (bridges, sheds, conduits, tanks)

SELECTON-706 ground-coat enamel          2 layers            350 g/m²


Metalwork in an industrial environment with stray current present (contact line masts)

SELECTON-706 ground-coat enamel          2 layers            400 g/m²


Metalwork in an industrial environment with stray current present (junction boxes, switch motors, chokes, transformers)

SELECTON-01 primer           1 layer               200 g/m²

SELECTON-793 enamel       1 layer              100 g/m²

SELECTON-7050 enamel     2 layers            200 g/m²




We propose innovative solutions for the protection of reinforced concrete surfaces exposed to chemical action. They are based on selective immobilization of the contaminants implanted in the surface layer of the concrete structure, prevention of their recrystallization, and concrete hardening.

Reinforced concrete structures contaminated by chemicals

SELECTON-022 penetrating primer             1 layer             200-350 g/m²

SELECTON-722 enamel                                 2 layers            200 g/m²


Reinforced concrete structures with a degraded surface layer

SELECTON-022 penetrating primer             1 layer                350 g/m²

SELECTON-711 (elastic) enamel                 1 layer                100 g/m²

SELECTON-722 enamel                               2-4 layers        200-400 g/m²





Being highly chemical- and abrasion-resistant, VICOR materials are capable of protecting equipment that may be exposed to high-speed flows of aggressive dry or humid gases containing abrasive dust.

 Flue-gas desulphurization adsorber

METACOR-01-DK primer      1 layer       0.04 mm     200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating     5 layers     0.50 mm     600 g/m²

VICOR-593 enamel               5 layers     0.50 mm     600 g/m²


Acetylene wet gas holder

METACOR-05-SIAL primer        1 layer         0.04 mm         200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating          1 layer         0.08 mm         120 g/m²

VICOR-7050 enamel                  1 layer         0.10 mm        150 g/m²


Flue for silicofluoric acid fumes or sulfuric acid aerosols

METACOR-01-UNO primer       1 layer         0.04 mm         200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating          5 layers       0.50 mm         600 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST enamel      5 layers        0.25 mm         600 g/m²


Flues in electroplating plants

METACOR-01-UNO primer       1 layer          0.04 mm         200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating          2 layers        0.20 mm         240 g/m²

VICOR-700-ELAST enamel      2 layers        0.10 mm         240 g/m²


Clean air

METACOR-01-UNO primer       1 layer          0.04 mm         200 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO enamel          1 layer          0.08 mm        100 g/m²



 Application technology

- Airless or  conventional spray, brush, or roll

- Temperature: +5 +35

- Humidity: up to 80 per cent


Erosion resistance:

Abrasive wear 0.03 mm a year under the following conditions: abrasive agent content in gas 500 g/m³; flow velocity 15 m/s; temperature - 70.

 Adhesive strength:

Initial  adhesive pull off strength, at least 8 MPa/

After exposure to 5 per cent H2SO4 solution at  +90 for 100 hours - at least 8 MPa


Advantages of VICOR Systems

- Resistant to alkali, soda and ammonia solutions or slurry in gas purification plants when exposed to fluid and gas abrasive wear

- Coating surface immune to salt or dust/oil mixture accumulation

- Resistant to abnormal filling deformations and pressure surges, spot surface deformations

- Resistant to aggressive impurity gases (2S, PH3, NH3, AsH3)

- Guaranteed to contain no copper ions, which precludes formation of the explosive Cu(I) acetylide.

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